Expands its service portfolio and introduces training sessions open to all customers

KROENERT, Hamburg, 30 January 2019 – KROENERT, a global leader in the manufacture of customized coating and laminating systems, has expanded its service portfolio and conducted its first open training session for customers. The training sessions, each of which focuses on a single topic, are held at the KROENERT premises. They are designed for all customers who use KROENERT systems and are interested in expanding their knowledge to increase productivity and the competitive advantage of their production plant.
In the training sessions, KROENERT experts share their comprehensive knowledge and present state-of-the-art technology. Participants broaden their expertise and deepen their understanding of KROENERT systems, thus enabling them to fully utilize their system capacities. Staff who have received the best possible training succeed in optimizing production processes and ensure more reliable operation with shorter downtimes, as fewer errors occur and problems can be solved more quickly.
The training modules are developed by KROENERT. Engineers and technicians from the company’s various departments put together subject-related material using their specialized and practical knowledge. “We offer participants an ideal combination of theoretical basics and practical applications at our KROENERT Technology Center. Our experts provide participants with tips and tricks that make their daily work with our systems and the corresponding processes more efficient. This is an ideal expansion of our service portfolio,” says Markus Plocher, Head of After Sales at KROENERT.
“During the training, customers learn everything about our innovations and discover how they can improve their procedural processes. At the same time, this direct contact with our customers permits us to find out whether they are satisfied with our systems and when they encounter problems and limitations. This gives us the opportunity to continuously improve our systems and come up with innovations. A real win-win-situation which strengthens our partnership and makes it more successful,” explains Wolfram Szczepaniak, Head of Technology at KROENERT.



On 30.11.2017, the one thousandth screw shaft left the Bellmer Kufferath factory in Düren. This respectable figure reflects the many years of experience and long-standing knowhow of the company. The first screw press (brand name AKUPRESS) and with it also the first screw shaft was built by Bellmer Kufferath as early as 1985. In the course of the years, the screw presses have been modified and developed further.
Today, Bellmer Kufferath is the world market leader in the field of screw presses, offering a range of 10 series and 10 different sizes with diameters between 200 – 1,400 mm.
The screw presses are used all over the world for dewatering and thickening coarse matters, fibrous materials or sludges in the paper industry but also in the recycling sector (in biogas systems, digestion plants, on cruise liners or in plastics recycling), in the food industry as well as for numerous other applications.
Based on the many decades of experience, the acquired expertise and the excellent customer service Bellmer Kufferath continues to convince its customers again and again. Bellmer Kufferath is able to cover almost all industrial fields of application.